Action Pack 3 Available For Sale

Hail Secret Warriors!
The new Action Pack 3 will have a promotional price of 10$ on
Action Pack 3 Drivethrucards
This action pack contains 50 cards from all Modern factions to complement your collection with reprints and new cards alike. Some of the older cards have been rewritten to match the new text format and rules and some others have been given a new version, changing them a bit.

Here you have a list of the cards in the Action Pack 3:
Plains of Ash x2
Cave Network x2
Field of Tentacles x2
The Great Wall x2
The Ickies
IKTV Special Report (vPaP)
Solar Flare (vPaP)
Reward x2
Willow Step
Shadowfist (vPaP)
Scroll of Incantation (vPaP)
I Ching (vPaP)
Spammm!! x2
The Suits (vPaP) x2
Mole Network (vPaP)
Land Survey x2
Hacker (vPaP) x2
Stunt Man x2
Kiii-YAAAH! (vPaP)
Shaolin Monk (vPaP) x2
Orange Sage (vPaP)
Body Conditioning x2
Rebel Without a Cause x2
Low-Rent Cyborg (vPaP) x2
Spoilage! x2
Ogre (vPaP) x2
Underworld Tracker (vPaP)
Drowning in Blood (vPaP)
Ice Warriors (vPaP) x2
Thunder Vanguard x2
War Council x2
You can see the cards here Action Pack 3.

Promo Pack 2020 available

You can find the Promo Pack 2020 here Promo Pack 2020 Drivethrucards.
It consists of:

Black Chantry
Xiong “Wendy” Cheng
Greatway Gang
Gomorra, the Doomed Town
Yogi Becky
Crazy Tim x2
Covadonga Sanctuary
The Golden Gunman
Golden Mile
You can see the cards here Promo Pack


Hail Secret Warriors!

We are moving on to the next phase of our long term project and we are looking for new playtesters, should anyone be interested. We will be taking applications during the next few weeks and should we receive too many, we will choose who will be our next playtersters. We will inform the chosen ones. However, if we do not choose you at the beginning, you might still be chosen for a later stage of playtest, or maybe for the following set.
Playtesters will be asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and as per GDPR we will not make public their names or any other contact information. They will receive a printable file with which to use the cards we would like them to test and we are working on a file for their reports to be sent to us (either a .doc or .pdf file will suffice).
We will do several rounds of playtest and will take into account all comments in order to change things or choose one card instead of another one. The instructions on how to provide us with their feedback will include general guidelines, depending on the stage of testing (Alpha-testers having different requirements than Beta-testers).
Should you be interested on helping us, fill in the form.

    Cease & Desist to

    In the name of Vetusta Games S.L., proprietor of the Shadowfist© license, we want to inform everybody that:

    • We do not have any relation whatsoever with the

    • The set they have recently released on their page is NOT an official product and has been nor approved neither sanctioned by Vetusta Games S.L.

    • The least we would have expected from a group of fans is to communicate with us and try to reach an agreement.

    Therefore, since this group of people has not bothered to inform us about their intentions and ask for our permission to create and make public a fan-made set of Shadowfist©, we are forced to:

    • REQUEST that they remove from public access all the material they have shown.

    • REQUEST them to remove all use of the Shadowfist© name, logo, images and symbols from their page, Discord servers, social media and the like.

    • We also REQUEST them to change the name of all their Discord servers, social media groups, etc., to either not use the name of our licensed game, or to use the word “unofficial” in the title. This way, everybody will know that they are an independent group of people, with no relationship whatsoever to the official product.

    Should our requests not be taken into account and fulfilled, we will feel obliged to take all the necessary legal measures against everybody involved in this matter. We will present all the documentation to the appropriate court to guarantee that our rights as owners of the license of Shadowfist© and the international Copyright Laws are respected.

    We also want to make well-known that:

    • All future third-party products will not be supported by Vetusta Games S.L., unless an agreement has been previously reached.

    • All third-party products are not tournament legal and never will.

    • We will not support tournaments in which third-party cards are allowed and their used encouraged. Hence, no official licensed Shadowfist© material can be used to promote or announce them.

    Best regards,

    The Vetusta Games Team

    After the Kickstarter campaign…

    After a small break after the Kickstarter campaign and coincident with the holiday season, the staff of Vetusta Games has met to see how to continue working on the game we love.

    First of all, we can only say one thing: A big thank you to those who supported us!! We appreciate it! We will continue on track to make sure you get more and new cards of Shadowfist.

    Our Kickstarter campaign did not fund, but that does not mean that we will stop working. We have been preparing a long term project, with several phases, and this is just a little detour in our path.

    We have read all your comments on the KS page, our social media and all the private messages we got. We have learnt a lot and be sure we take all the constructive criticism into account and will try to incorporate it into our work.

    As we promised, the Tournament Promo Pack will be available for tournament organisers through the DriveThruCards website. All those who will be organising events will just need to get in touch with us, so we can provide them with a code to order the pack. This will be finished during the first quarter of the year. We also want to remind you the possibility of acquiring the Shadowfist Monkey Cards and the Token Pack on DriveThruCards.

    Right after, we will make another pack available on DriveThruCards: the Action Pack 3. It will contain a few cards for every one of the existing Modern factions, together with some cards for the Architects of the Flesh, which (as promised) will be coming back and will become one of the factions in Modern.

    The following step will be the release of an Architect Pack. The aim is to increase their card pool in Modern so they become competitive in this format as soon as possible.

    We are asking for quotes already, to see whether we can deliver it normally through our web shop or also on DriveThruCards. We will keep you posted as soon as a decision is taken. We expect this pack to be available through summer 2023 or even earlier, depending on the means of distribution.

    Following steps in our project will be announced in due time, so everybody gets informed.

    We would once again like to thank all those who supported us, be by pledging on the Kickstarter campaign, giving us their opinion and comments, giving us advice on how to create, develop and distribute a game, or how to run a KS campaign… You all are the reason why we are here.

    5, 4, 3… Action!

    Post-Essen Thoughts and…
    5… 4… 3… … … ACTION!!!

    Hail Secret Warriors! 👊👊

    After a very intense time during the Essen Spiel, with lots of meetings (manufacturing, distribution, fulfilment companies…) we can announce that we are very close to launch our Kickstarter campaign for the next set of Shadowfist.

    We had very interesting conversations with many people that have helped us out polish the last details of the campaign. We have reached agreements that we believe will make the final product as best as possible and we hope you all like what we have been working so hard on. We have decided to make some minor changes to our project based on all these meetings, but it will only take us a few more days to finish with them.

    We would like to thank all those people that helped us get to this point. We have seen troubled times at world level (with the pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis), but you all have been there unconditionally supporting us. And that is something we really appreciate and will never be able to thank you enough. The only way we can try to compensate you for your patience and support is by offering you what you all have been waiting for so long.

    Shadowfist Return of the fallen

    Shadowfist: Return of the Fallen is almost ready.

    You can see our project page here Kickstarter Shadowfist Return of the fallen

    We will very soon announce the exact date, but it will definitely be in the next few weeks.

    Once again, thank you.

    Stay well,

    The Vetusta Games Team


    Hail Secret Warriors!👊👊
    We want to announce that Shadowfist will be back at Essen Spiel 2022. From 6th to 9th of October, you will be able to get your cards at
    Hall 5, booth K121
    We will be there, ready to teach new players, get in touch with seasoned ones, and answer in person all the questions you might have.
    We hope to see many of you there!! 🥰🥰
    Here are the links from the SPIEL app:
    Android App:
    iOS App:


    The Future of Shadowfist

    Hail Secret Warriors!

    The crew at Vetusta Games wants to express their appreciation for your continuous support and all your comments. As a response to your strong backing, we would like to make you part of the future we foresee for Shadowfist.

    We are following a series of guidelines:

    • First, and most important for the whole team, avoid power creep.
    • We want to promote different (and if possible, new) deck building ideas, meaning that the way a deck is built is as important as playing it correctly.
    • Explore some dead ends in deck construction, and if they do not lead anywhere, they will be left out again.
    • We would like new players to be able to get their hands on older cards, and that is the reason why some cars will be reprinted in Modern format.
    • At the same time, we want to keep Modern as a “protected” format, trying to avoid what some players call “degenerate” decks, in as far as practicable.
    • Reintroduce the Dead Factions back into the game, making them Modern legal, but keeping in mind the previous point.
    • For this, we need to make their pool of cards as big as the other Modern factions’ as soon as possible, so they are not in a too much of a weaker position.
    • The first faction to be reintroduced will be the Architects of the Flesh. The others will follow in future sets.

    To achieve this state of the game, we are releasing soon the new Tournament Promo Pack and the Action Pack 3.

    • They are both thought as something interesting for new and seasoned players alike, with new cards and also reprints of older cards.
    • There are mainly Architects of the Flesh cards in these packs, so their pool of cards, once the next box is out, will be big enough to build a few different decks in Modern.
    • There will also be some 3-cost foundation characters, to explore that path. We know they are slower than using other cheaper foundation cards, and that is the reason why they got some support with the Folch Twins.
    • There are some cards that have been modified from previous sets, and they will be Play as Printed versions (Same as it happened with Final Brawl and other cards when printed in Modern).

    These two packs will be soon followed by a Kickstarter campaign for a new big set, with 4 pre-constructed decks, one each for the Architects of the Flesh, the Four Monarchs, the Guiding Hand and the Dragons.

    Later sets are already in the queue, but that might be going too much into the future. For the time being, we are concentrating on achieving a good end result for these forthcoming sets.

    We hope this gives you all enough of an insight into our design path and the reasons behind the choices we have made on publishing some cards instead of others.

    As always, we thank everybody for your support and comments, and we want to reassure that we pay attention to and take into consideration everything we are told.

    All the best. See you all at the Secret War!!