The Future of Shadowfist

Hail Secret Warriors!

The crew at Vetusta Games wants to express their appreciation for your continuous support and all your comments. As a response to your strong backing, we would like to make you part of the future we foresee for Shadowfist.

We are following a series of guidelines:

  • First, and most important for the whole team, avoid power creep.
  • We want to promote different (and if possible, new) deck building ideas, meaning that the way a deck is built is as important as playing it correctly.
  • Explore some dead ends in deck construction, and if they do not lead anywhere, they will be left out again.
  • We would like new players to be able to get their hands on older cards, and that is the reason why some cars will be reprinted in Modern format.
  • At the same time, we want to keep Modern as a “protected” format, trying to avoid what some players call “degenerate” decks, in as far as practicable.
  • Reintroduce the Dead Factions back into the game, making them Modern legal, but keeping in mind the previous point.
  • For this, we need to make their pool of cards as big as the other Modern factions’ as soon as possible, so they are not in a too much of a weaker position.
  • The first faction to be reintroduced will be the Architects of the Flesh. The others will follow in future sets.

To achieve this state of the game, we are releasing soon the new Tournament Promo Pack and the Action Pack 3.

  • They are both thought as something interesting for new and seasoned players alike, with new cards and also reprints of older cards.
  • There are mainly Architects of the Flesh cards in these packs, so their pool of cards, once the next box is out, will be big enough to build a few different decks in Modern.
  • There will also be some 3-cost foundation characters, to explore that path. We know they are slower than using other cheaper foundation cards, and that is the reason why they got some support with the Folch Twins.
  • There are some cards that have been modified from previous sets, and they will be Play as Printed versions (Same as it happened with Final Brawl and other cards when printed in Modern).

These two packs will be soon followed by a Kickstarter campaign for a new big set, with 4 pre-constructed decks, one each for the Architects of the Flesh, the Four Monarchs, the Guiding Hand and the Dragons.

Later sets are already in the queue, but that might be going too much into the future. For the time being, we are concentrating on achieving a good end result for these forthcoming sets.

We hope this gives you all enough of an insight into our design path and the reasons behind the choices we have made on publishing some cards instead of others.

As always, we thank everybody for your support and comments, and we want to reassure that we pay attention to and take into consideration everything we are told.

All the best. See you all at the Secret War!!