• Shadowfist

Hail Secret Warriors!

Welcome to the mile-a-minute, swordclashing, butt-kicking, Uzi-spraying, boats-exploding, car-chasing, monsterbashing, insert-your-own-cool-hyphenated-adjective-here world of Shadowfist!

Shadowfist is a Dynamic Card Game based loosely on action movies from the studios in Hong Kong with a splash of Hollywood for spice. The cards represent people, places, and things involved in the Secret War, vying for control of the world’s Feng Shui Sites, mystical places of Power that guarantee victory and prosperity for those who control them. Shadowfist requires three or four players, each with their own customized deck of cards. The first player to achieve five Feng Shui Sites wins the game! You must seize or burn for victory your fifth Site in order to win.

Should you find any problems or have any suggestions, feel free to send us an email to vetustagames@gmail.com

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