Action Pack 3 Available For Sale

Hail Secret Warriors!
The new Action Pack 3 will have a promotional price of 10$ on
Action Pack 3 Drivethrucards
This action pack contains 50 cards from all Modern factions to complement your collection with reprints and new cards alike. Some of the older cards have been rewritten to match the new text format and rules and some others have been given a new version, changing them a bit.

Here you have a list of the cards in the Action Pack 3:
Plains of Ash x2
Cave Network x2
Field of Tentacles x2
The Great Wall x2
The Ickies
IKTV Special Report (vPaP)
Solar Flare (vPaP)
Reward x2
Willow Step
Shadowfist (vPaP)
Scroll of Incantation (vPaP)
I Ching (vPaP)
Spammm!! x2
The Suits (vPaP) x2
Mole Network (vPaP)
Land Survey x2
Hacker (vPaP) x2
Stunt Man x2
Kiii-YAAAH! (vPaP)
Shaolin Monk (vPaP) x2
Orange Sage (vPaP)
Body Conditioning x2
Rebel Without a Cause x2
Low-Rent Cyborg (vPaP) x2
Spoilage! x2
Ogre (vPaP) x2
Underworld Tracker (vPaP)
Drowning in Blood (vPaP)
Ice Warriors (vPaP) x2
Thunder Vanguard x2
War Council x2
You can see the cards here Action Pack 3.

Promo Pack 2020 available

You can find the Promo Pack 2020 here Promo Pack 2020 Drivethrucards.
It consists of:

Black Chantry
Xiong “Wendy” Cheng
Greatway Gang
Gomorra, the Doomed Town
Yogi Becky
Crazy Tim x2
Covadonga Sanctuary
The Golden Gunman
Golden Mile
You can see the cards here Promo Pack