Shadowfist is a Dynamic (non-random) Card Game based on
Hong Kong action movies. Jackie Chan meets Chow Yun-Fat with Michael Bay explosions.

Shadowfist is the mile-a-minute, sword-clashing, butt-kicking,
Uzi-spraying, boat-exploding, car-chasing, monster-crunching,
Hong Kong cinematic action card game that is so epic it would take fourteen John Woos to film and a cast the likes of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh. And that’s just in the first five minutes!

Shadowfist is best played on 3-4 players. Each game represents the Secret War to control the world’s Feng Shui Sites. Whoever controls them will have the power to wipe their enemies!
Get FIVE Feng Shui Sites in play and WIN!!

The new set Return of the Fallen is coming next.

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