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Shadowfist is the mile-a-minute, sword-clashing, butt-kicking, Uzi-spraying, boat-exploding, car-chasing, monster-crunching, Hong Kong cinematic action card game that is so epic it would take fourteen John Woos to film and a cast the likes of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh. And that's just in the first five minutes!

It's like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hard Boiled, Drunken Master, Wing Chun, The Killer, Storm Riders, Heroic Trio, Iron Monkey, Supercop, Master Killer, Ballistic Kiss, and the rest of your favorite Hong Kong action films all rolled into one.

Equal opportunity butt kicking, baby!

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Updated Errata List!

Click here for the revised errata list that includes four entries from Year of the Goat!


Year of the Goat Spoiler List

Click here for the final Year of the Goat Spoiler List and accompanying deck lists! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this the amazing set it is!


Our new Kickstarter is live!

Click here for the Year of the Goat Kickstart Project for the 20th Anniversary of Shadowfist! Pledge your support today!


New fiction, in PDF format!

Click here for PDF versions of the new Combat in Kowloon and Coming Darkness fiction from Thomas Edward!


Updated Spoiler and Text lists!

Click here for updated text lists for all Shadowfist expansions through the Coming Darkness Cycle!


New rule book update!

Click here for the latest update to the Shadowfist Comprehensive Rulebook.
This update offers clarifications on existing rules, specifically about how permanents' texts take effect when entering play.


The 2014 Smackdown in Jacktown!

Greg Zimmerman and John Merrill proudly present the 11th Annual Smackdown in Jacktown!

Secret Warriors will converge yet again on the sleepy town of Jackson Michigan to deliver a flurry of blows upon a multitude of worthy opponents.
The main event is a Classic Final Brawl beginning at Noon on Saturday November 8th at Nostalgia Ink Comics and Games 135 E Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI 49201 phone (517) 784-8955
Once the Smackdown Champion is crowned we will host the 2nd Annual Braz King Memorial Donnybrook Draft.

Everyone is welcome to join the carnage.
From beginners to veterans-- Mooks, Hitters and Masterminds can test their mettle in the Jacktown crucible.


Kickstarter Success!

Hello Secret Warriors! A little old news at this time, but the Kickstarter for the Coming Darkness Cycle was a success!

We want to thank everyone who helped to make this a success!

You can now find the Card Galleries updated to include the Coming Darkness Cycle (as well as fixing some previous reported issues).


The Coming Darkness Kickstarter is live!

Attention Secret Warriors! The exciting follow-up to last year's Rebirth Cycle is now live and ready to accept your support! Check out the latest Kickstarter project from Inner Kingdom Games: The Coming Darkness!


This project features all three 50-card expansion packs for the block, as well as a new Action Pack to help bulk up your supply of much-needed foundation characters, key events, and Feng Shui Sites!

Thank you all for your continued support these last two years, let's keep the enthusiasm up and make this another successful project!


Updated Shadowfist Rulebook

Click here for the latest update to the Shadowfist Comprehensive Rulebook. The document is reorganized, all-encompassing, and clarified for ease of play. Take note of special updates, such as clarification of "Not Cumulative," conditions of using a card's Crisis cost, and closing the Tactics/Ambush window. Happy playing, Secret Warriors!

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